Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tournament league table

Winning Team
Athletico FC (AKA Inter-Ye-Mam, returning champions from the Bellavista 5-a-side New Year 2005 tournament)
Grupo A
1st Athletico FC
2nd Allstars
3rd Magnum
4th Heaton Rifles
5th Kenny Jamestown Massacre (won the Losers Final on penalties, just missing out on the Losers Medal)
Grupo B (only a goal difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd places)
1st Honk! Honk! United (runners up in the Winners Final, taking the winners to penalties)
2nd Luck of the Irish
3rd Big as your Head Each One United
4th Dead Monkeys
5th PSV Haskoning (winners of the prestigious Losers Medal)
A big thankyou to all teams and supporters for making it a great day out, without any red cards, and for supporting the Bellavista Social Club.


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