Monday, April 26, 2004

University 5-a-side Football Tournament

Last week (Wed 21st April 2004) we held a friendly 5-a-side mixed football tournament at work, for staff, PhD students and friends of the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEGS), Newcastle University.


Ten teams turned up, and in total 60 people were there to play and support. All players and supporters made a contribution to the cause, and are now official members of the Bellavista Social Club (BSC). A total of £117 was raised.

CONGRATULATIONS to the overall winners, Young Ones (Matt, Kate, Rory, Oliver & Simon D), who were presented with the winners trophy, certificates and mystery prizes.

COMMISERATIONS to the overall losers, Hero (Lesley, Jon, Karen, Michelle and Adam), who received the coveted losers medal, certificates and mystery prizes.

THANKS to all the teams (Hero, Tripoli, No Name, Water A, Water 1, Young Ones, Toxic, Molecular Maestros, Geomatics, and Leftovers) and supporters. Particular thanks to those who’ve hardly ever played football before. Hope you enjoyed it. Remarkably, there was only one serious injury and a few aching legs.

SPECIAL THANKS also to the staff at Claremont Sports Hall, David Parker for agreeing to pay for the hire (enabling money collected to go to Bellavista Juventud FC), Heather McGrath for her excellent firstaiding, Rob, Paul, Sean and Russell for being refs at short notice, and Lesley Batty for arranging the CEGS night out afterwards.

Charlotte Weatherell, 26th April 2004.