Monday, April 26, 2004

New grand total

Handing over the cheque

From the football tournament and recent donations, the new grand total is £1485!!

University 5-a-side Football Tournament

Last week (Wed 21st April 2004) we held a friendly 5-a-side mixed football tournament at work, for staff, PhD students and friends of the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEGS), Newcastle University.


Ten teams turned up, and in total 60 people were there to play and support. All players and supporters made a contribution to the cause, and are now official members of the Bellavista Social Club (BSC). A total of £117 was raised.

CONGRATULATIONS to the overall winners, Young Ones (Matt, Kate, Rory, Oliver & Simon D), who were presented with the winners trophy, certificates and mystery prizes.

COMMISERATIONS to the overall losers, Hero (Lesley, Jon, Karen, Michelle and Adam), who received the coveted losers medal, certificates and mystery prizes.

THANKS to all the teams (Hero, Tripoli, No Name, Water A, Water 1, Young Ones, Toxic, Molecular Maestros, Geomatics, and Leftovers) and supporters. Particular thanks to those who’ve hardly ever played football before. Hope you enjoyed it. Remarkably, there was only one serious injury and a few aching legs.

SPECIAL THANKS also to the staff at Claremont Sports Hall, David Parker for agreeing to pay for the hire (enabling money collected to go to Bellavista Juventud FC), Heather McGrath for her excellent firstaiding, Rob, Paul, Sean and Russell for being refs at short notice, and Lesley Batty for arranging the CEGS night out afterwards.

Charlotte Weatherell, 26th April 2004.

Monday, April 19, 2004

A good time was had by all


The first meeting of the Bellavista Social Club (BSC) at the Egypt Cottage last Saturday had a great turnout. Congratulations to the four lucky raffle prize winners: Laurie Vicquelin (brand new Bellavista Juventud FC shirt as sponsored by the BSC), Conrad Scott (old strip signed by Nobby Solano), Michelle Taylor (Peru national shirt, also signed by Nobby Solano), and Chris Jewitt (Crunchie Easter Egg!).

The Egypt Cottage Posted by Hello

From ticket sales, donations and raffle, a GRAND TOTAL OF £1318 has been raised. A cheque was presented by the BSC President, Doug Paterson, and accepted on behalf of Bellavista Juventud FC by special guests, the parents of the FC President Father Joe Plumb.

THANKS to all of the BSC’s 185 MEMBERS for their generous contributions.

DJ Conrad

Special thanks also to Conrad Scott for his groovy tunes, Wendy Parker for making us a banner, Stew for making the presentation cheque, Father Joe and his parents for their messages from Peru, the Egypt Cottage for the great friendly venue, Nolberto Solano and Aston Villa for agreeing to sign shirts, Peter Warriner for creating our original website, Kim Smith, Steven Plumb and Nick Kemp for selling lots of tickets, Benet Biscop Young Enterprise for donating some of their hard earned profits and, last but not least, Steve Jackson for making tickets, setting up this weblog, general PR and lots of help besides.

WATCH THIS SPACE for news of the team in Iquitos and further BSC events in the Toon.

Bellavista Social Club is well and truly born

Bellavista Social Club Membership List @ 19th April 2004

doug and charlotte steve biff chris and sophie richard john and lucy stew conrad jen steven and emma sue and jamie tim and corrine keith d adam claire oliver rob and muriel anna and rob gemma and nick bob richie tom c glynn richie lyn h anne l hazel s marie e bev charlotte and andy pat richard g lisann matt k andy and lynne tim and kim nick and debs laurie ian andy r toby and louise mark and ailsa griff nick and kate goody tony p tess ma and pa plumb jim and gayle small paul claire kate denise scott angie karen kath h suzanne michelle richard g lynne b greame abigail vic linda and stuart ian w helen karen and griff helen and noel victoria and andrew camilla rebecca and sophie judith and malcolm moira tony f alan w benet biscop young enterprise nick b dom kevin lesley and keith rosemary simon m eileen m mike f karen t jake p judith f andy and estelle con marion dave w wendy and brian craig t p phil lesley b jon lawrence michelle heather ali a rob h chris h kim mo hayley and sean debbie h jules andy a udi femi angie claire isabella andrew g will mark w seb luis vassilis aidan matt kate s kate g rory simon d patiroop mujalin worawan shree paola nikorn russell joana stephen w niel angie andy g fiona craig a alistair tom b stephen f pauline sofia peter f geoff a geoff p jamie i mark s paul q gholamreza f s contreras steve l owen l nolberto solano
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Friday, April 16, 2004

Welcome to Bellavist FC, the weblog for under-21 side Bellavista Juventud.

The Bellavista Social Club

In Peru, on the banks of the Amazon, is a city called Iquitos. In Iquitos is a small parish called Bellavista which has a local under-21 football team called Bellavista Juventud.

Presiding over the team is Father Joe Plumb, an Englishman, formerly of Ashington, Northumberland.

The side competes with other nearby teams and Father Joe is rightly proud of Juventud. He believes that the football team isn’t just great entertainment for players and spectators alike but it also helps teach qualities as diverse as self-esteem, pride and responsibility.

In 2003, Father Joe was joined by Doug Paterson and Charlotte Weatherell who also settled quickly in the town and fell in love with the area and its people.

Their common link with Joe is Bedlington’s Benet Bicop school in Northumberland, where Joe was a regular visitor and Doug a history teacher.

During their time in Peru, Doug and Charlie put their own skills to good use. This included putting on special classes for local children to help them with rudimentary English.

Charlie and Doug's students get their certificates. Posted by Hello

They were made very welcome, by Joe, their pupils and the towns’ people. And although Doug was keen to teach the children all he could. There was nothing he could teach the football team. That will come as no surprise to anyone who has seen Doug play.

Doug sets off on a run down the wing and is sensibly ignored by the midfield ball winner. Posted by Hello

Anyway, before too long it was time for Doug and Charlie to leave. But not before they had handed out certificates to their pupils and made a promise that they would return.

There was also one final promise. That they would look for sponsors for Bellavista Juventud back in their home city of Newcastle.

So it was decided that in order to help support the football team and to buy the shirts, shorts, socks and boots they needed, a new club would be formed – the Bellavista Social Club.

Everyone brings their own special gifts to the table. While the young men of Bellavista are tackling, dribbling and shooting, the less fit, older crowd, back in the Toon can do their bit by drinking, smoking, dancing and putting their hands in their pockets.

The first meeting of the club, including will take place at the Egypt Cottage, in Newcastle on Saturday April 17th from 7pm to midnight. Tickets cost £5 with all profits going to the football team.