Sunday, July 15, 2007

15-Years-in-the-Toon Party

In an attempt to repeat the legendary 10-Years-in-the-Toon party held at the Cluny in October 2001, and thanks to the enthusiasm of Ross Whitelaw and Conrad Scott, the 15-(and 3/4)-Years-in-the-Toon Party came about.
With the Telegraph as a great new venue, and DJs Conrad, Rossaldo and Panther, another great night was had. Raffle prizes included a Peru strip, a Bellavista Juventud strip, an exclusive Bellavista Social Club T-Shirt, and first prize of a Newcastle United strip signed by Peru's own Nobby Solano. Plus a range of wine and bubbly, thanks to generous donations from Royal Haskoning.
From the football tournament, party ticket sales and raffle, a grand total of £1184 was raised by the Bellavista Social Club Fundraising Day 2007, which will continue to support the the young men of Bellavista Juventud FC in Iquitos, Peru.
THANKYOU once again to all those that contributed in their various ways to the day, and most of all to Ross and Conrad.

Tournament league table

Winning Team
Athletico FC (AKA Inter-Ye-Mam, returning champions from the Bellavista 5-a-side New Year 2005 tournament)
Grupo A
1st Athletico FC
2nd Allstars
3rd Magnum
4th Heaton Rifles
5th Kenny Jamestown Massacre (won the Losers Final on penalties, just missing out on the Losers Medal)
Grupo B (only a goal difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd places)
1st Honk! Honk! United (runners up in the Winners Final, taking the winners to penalties)
2nd Luck of the Irish
3rd Big as your Head Each One United
4th Dead Monkeys
5th PSV Haskoning (winners of the prestigious Losers Medal)
A big thankyou to all teams and supporters for making it a great day out, without any red cards, and for supporting the Bellavista Social Club.

Fundraising Day 2007

With the enthusiasm of Ross Whitelaw and Conrad Scott, the biggest Bellavista Social Club event so far took place on Sat 7th July 2007.

The day kicked off with a 6-a-side football tournament. A big thankyou to Benfield School College of Sporting Excellence for the donation of free use of their astroturf pitches. With the enthusiastic participation of 10 teams, we raised £200 for Bellavista Juventud FC.

Bellavista Juventud FC's El Presidente, Joe Plumb, was in the UK so was honoured to play in the tournament for the Dead Monkeys team, along with old friends from Benet Biscop Catholic High School. Co-organiser Ross was the team captain of PSV Haskoning, with colleagues from Royal Haskoning, and managed to steer his team to the nail-biting Losers Final, and finally lost to penalties to Kenny Jamestown Massacre. Joe presented Ross with the prestigious Losers Medal (yes, just the one to share with the whole team).
Other teams came from far and wide, including teams from Newcastle University and generally our mates from around Newcastle (so actually not that far or wide).

Thanks to the Diggers

Long time no blogging, but have to say a much belated THANKYOU to The Diggers, a football team of lots of our mates in Newcastle, managed by Paul Langley.

To mark 10 years of The Diggers, they held a party in September 2005 in collaboration with the Bellavista Social Club. Together with a great night of football nostalgia, boozing and dancing, £250 was raised for Bellavista Juventud.

The Peruvian team's El Presidente, Father Joe Plumb of Ashington, was in the UK and put in a guest appearance to draw the raffle and thank the party-goers for their contributions to helping the community of Bellavista Nanay.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Bellavista Social Club New Year Football Tournament

The Bellavista Social Club held its first sporting event on Sunday 16th January 2005. 8 teams managed to get themselves out of bed before 10am for this exciting event.
There were three teams from St Benet Biscop High School and friends (Competitive Dad, Dynamo Gringos and Broken Toe Athletico), two teams from Newcastle University School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (Geomatics and Inter-Ye-Mam), two teams from local football leagues (The Diggers and Heaton Rifles) and one team of unfit NUFC supporters (The Knackers, featuring our very own El Presidente Doug).
Competition was tight, but Inter-Ye-Mam managed to clinch the Winners Cup, with Geomatics coming a close second. Broken Toe Athletico, the only mixed team, just clinched the prestigious Losers Medal, but only after a 3-3 draw and penalty shoot-out against The Knackers.
THANKS to everyone that played, to the supportors of all ages, and to our first-aider Heather. Thanks for all your contributions, and to Newcastle University Sports Centre for giving us the hire for half-price, giving us a profit of £150 for the young lads of Bellavista.

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Top of the League

Match reports from Bellavista FC President:

We lost 2-1 on Saturday after 2 successive victories (4-3 & 3-0) but won the 3 points back last night in a three and a half hour meeting of the League, in which the referee was denounced for accepting in Latin America!

We are now top of the Second Division and have 5 games left to play.


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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

News from Peru

Just when the whole country was in a good mood because Cienciano (the team from Cusco) had beaten Boca Juniors on penalties in the "RECOPA 2004" tournament, the news broke on "24 Horas Noticias" (the Peruvian version of"Newsnight") that the President had sold-off the countries gold, silver & copper mines in the Apurimac/Huancavelica region (in the foothills of the Andes south of Lima) to a Swiss company for US$121million. It sounds a lot but you can bet the reserves are worth a lot more if the Swiss are investing in that way.

That now means that fishing rights in Peruvian waters have been sold to Japan, the oilfields to the USA, Britain & Germany, the rights to fell trees in the Amazon to the Koreans, the telephone company belongs to the Spaniards & even the airport in Lima is run by a German company. ¿ Vaya Globalization ? This is all due to successive governments wanting to be seen to be bringing investment into the country but it is a very short-term & short-sighted policy. President Toledo explained on TV that Peru does not have the capability or the experienced engineers to extract the reerves and that the project would mean jobs, new hospitals, schools & roads but the Swiss company made it very clear that they hope to extract all the mineral reserves in 10 years, and the jobs come with no union rights & for the manual labourers, extremely poor wages. After they've stripped the land of its wealth and left how will the region maintain these new services ? The same goes for the Amazon, the oilfields, & the fishing waters.

Bellavista Juventud won 4-1 on Saturday so that took our minds off the sell-off & there was a huge fiesta all weekend.

Father Joe

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Christmas is coming

The latest venture for the Bellavista Social Club is the official BVFC Christmas cards. Each are hand painted and you get the extra glow of spreading a little seasonal cheer.

No details as yet regarding price - but if you're interested then leave a message below with your email address.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Thanks Natwest

Thanks to the nice people at Natwest we now have a bank account, cheques payable to The Bellavista Social Club, lots of forms later, we have a treasurer in the form of Charlotte so all enquiries to her.

Plans for the Club to hold its Christmas party are forming, suggestions from members welcome.
Had a visit from Peru, not only are the boys the best kitted out team in the league but money raised means that seven are now in college or getting job training!

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Bizarre raffle at Benet Biscop School

President Doug.

Well, thanks to all those who bought raffle tickets for such quality prizes as a rubber glove! A nice £47.90 was raised for the Club at the Sixth Form A Level Drama Exam Performance (hope they all pass). A night of top quality acting with added social conscience.

Now time for some musing from me, the Club President. The Bellavista Social Club is taking off in a way I never thought possible. We plan to have the best supported team in Iquitos Peru, although we admit there is limited competition. The lads are looking very smart in their strips and are set to dazzle the opposition with both their footwork and their cool gear.

As for events, there will be another meeting of the Club soon, keep checking in. Think of it this way - the more we drink, dance and smoke tabs the more the lads benefit. And the more they benefit, the better they do on the pitch.

Doug 'El Presidente'
Bellavista Social Club